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Great News in 2021 For Those With ESRD!

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Great news in 2021 for those with ESRD!

The 21st Century Cures Act has been amended to the Social Security Act. This will allow Medicare-eligible individuals with ESRD to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans beginning 1/1/2021. The act also absolves MA organizations of the responsibility for organ acquisition costs for kidney transplants. Beginning 1/1/2021, those costs will be covered by the FFS Program (Traditional Fee-For-Service) instead.

In past years, those with ESRD have been excluded from most Medicare Advantage plans. CSNP (Chronic Special Needs) plans that are designed specifically for kidney issues have not been widely available. As a result, those with ESRD were often limited to Original Medicare.

This policy change will give significantly more options and services to this population!

If this exciting policy change affects you and you would like a review of the plans in your area, contact us today to request an appointment on or after 10/1/2020!

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