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Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage?

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Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage?

The key to your Medicare happiness might be largely dependent on this answer.
When I meet with someone who is upset about their plan, we often discover through our discussion and fact-finding that they are in a plan that does not work the way they’d like it to. If displeased with an Advantage plan, I often hear them describe the attributes of a supplemental plan as they tell me want they want.

“My neighbor had heart surgery and didn’t have to pay a dime!” Or…

“Why can’t I just go to the doctor I want to go to?”

A supplement owner who is not happy, will often say things like:

“My sister doesn’t pay anything each month (or very little) for her plan.” Or…

“Why doesn’t my plan cover any dental or gym membership?”

In other words, they are in the wrong type of plan for them. We see it over and over. I believe people are either “supplement people” or “advantage people”. The reasons are probably fairly numerous, but it’s pretty clear.

The “supplement person” often does not want to rely on doctor networks and wants nothing to do with having to get referrals. They also may travel and want something that easily translates to different places. They like to be in control of their healthcare and don’t mind paying a premium.

The “advantage person” is often someone who really doesn’t mind choosing a PCP and getting referrals because they are used to it. The enjoy Advantage plans because they feel a bit like the employer group plans they have had for years. Additionally, they love the lower premium options and the extra benefits.

How do we determine the best fit? We ask! We talk. It is not hard to figure out and the result is a happy customer!

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