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Why “Manage” Your Medicare?

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Why “Manage” Your Medicare?

I spoke at a community event recently and ran into a lovely lady that illustrates very well what we run into on a daily basis. I could tell I had hit a nerve by watching her body language and how she dominated the Q&A section immediately following my remarks.

I was talking about how you must manage Medicare plans. During the course of our conversation, she told me she was increasingly displeased with her plan because it seemed like it was getting more expensive compared to her neighbors. I asked how long she had been in this plan and she said several years!

Believe it or not, this is very common. As good as Medicare Advantage plans are, you will likely want to make adjustments as the plans change. Drug formularies, doctor networks, and plan benefits often change each year. Additionally, new plans are introduced to the market to entice people to enroll.

If you remain in a plan for several years, you might notice that the premiums, co-pays and deductibles drift up during that time. You might also notice that the drug co-pays increase or the premium rises faster than new plans. It’s not that your plan is bad, it’s just that it is now outdated as new plans come out.

This lady had noticed all of these things. She even had to change doctors a couple of times when her preferred doctor stopped accepting her plan!

This story has a happy ending. We set an appointment and after a short period of time, she had her preferred doctor back as well as an updated plan with much better benefits. She was elated!

It’s not hard to “manage” your plan. Be opinionated about what you want and need…especially as your health changes. Most of all, don’t feel as though you have to stay in an existing plan. The Annual Election Period (AEP) is there to allow you to make changes at least once per year. There are also numerous Special Election Periods (SEPs) that sometimes can be used to make additional changes under special circumstances.

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What Our Awesome Clients Have To Say

  • “After receiving hundreds of phone calls, emails, and pamphlets through the postal mail regarding Medicare, I sought out Justin White, who had sent a simple but sincere letter to my attention amidst all the confusing insurance information. The best couple of hours ever spent, as he took the time and patience to explain all the options and listen to what I truly wanted and needed. With his assistance, I was able to choose the best Medicare Plan for me which provided peace of mind and confidence as I move into my age 65 new chapter of life! His guidance and continued attention is truly appreciated, and I highly recommend contacting Justin to save on your personal frustration when it comes to insurance needs.”
    - Barbara M. in Spring, Texas
  • “Kyle, You have assisted & advised me regarding my insurance needs for the last six years. You handle all the paperwork. You show me where to sign. Every year, I scan through the Medicare booklet. I put stick it notes at questions. Kyle always has the answers. Kyle Trahan, he’s the man. He’s my Medicare Advantage insurance man.”
    - Jean A. in Houston, Texas
  • “Just wanted to let everyone know how great you were I needed to change my Medicare health insurance and he went the extra mile for me I would highly recommend him.”
    - Linda L. in Magnolia, Texas
  • “As an older person, we are bombarded with so much information through mail, phone calls and television regarding insurance plans and Medicare. Kyle Trahan is respected and well sought out by many of us. He is very knowledgeable on the medical plans and he answers the Medicare questions in a way that we can understand them. Kyle puts us at ease and he is very patient with us. We feel free to ask any question. He also does one on one meetings. He helps us make our medical decisions in a timely manner. If any of us were paying Kyle Trahan for the good information he provides freely- he would be worth every penny. Thank you again for all you do.”
    - Glendia A. in Houston, Texas
  • “Justin is genuinely committed to doing the right thing. He’s honest and has proposed what makes sense for me and my business partner.”
    - Mark H. in Houston, Texas
  • “Medicare can use a lot of representatives as caring and knowledgeable as Kyle. We look forward to his visits at Brazos Senior Villas.”
    - Marcos O. in Katy, Texas
  • “At Brazos Senior Villas, we look forward to Kyle’s regular visits. he is a real helpful guy, not only for healthcare info but help with computer and cell phone questions and various problems. He takes time to listen! We love him!”
    - Aline B. in Katy, Texas
  • “Justin cares for his clients. He took the time to find out my needs & concerns. As a result found exactly what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone.”
    - B.F. in Houston, Texas
  • “Kyle Trahan has the knowledge and professionalism that is invaluable in choosing a plan for health insurance. He has helped a great many people in the senior community where I live. We trust his ability to help us get the best possible coverage. Thanks Kyle for being there for me and all the others in our community.”
    - Betty H. in Katy, Texas
  • “Wanted to thank you for all you did for me! I got my meds transferred over to CVS and got my shots taken care of. It cost me $47.00! Yay!! I owe you big! I will tell everyone about you. God Bless you and your company. Thank you again!”
    - Liz S. in Katy, Texas

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