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Have you ever considered a career in insurance? It’s funny because you will not find many college classes on insurance. In fact, most people find their way to insurance after they have worked in another field and are looking for something new. It’s almost like it’s a “rebound” career. I know that’s how it was for me and big majority of the people I have worked with through the years. Regardless of what you call it or when you find it, it could be the best thing you have ever done career-wise. Why?

Well, consider what insurance is. It is something everyone needs to have…and they know it. In some cases it is actually mandated by law. The products and rates are always changing and that makes the market roil and boil with activity. People are always looking for a better deal or a new product feature. Life changes happen (deaths, births, marriages, etc) and that causes an almost inevitable search for different insurance products.

This is where we come in. We simply help them understand how Medicare works so they can choose plans that provide what they need to maintain optimal health. ..and then we provide guidance over time as their needs and health change. Simple.
The work is largely consultative in nature. Technically, I know it is sales but I think that is a misnomer when looking at what we do. You visit with someone, listen to what they need, and help them get it. It is almost like being a professional visitor. You will see homes, cuddle with pets, look at gardens, drink iced tea, and laugh with these neat folks. Over the years, friendships can develop as you work this deeply rewarding job.

If you are looking for a change in direction and any of the above sounds attractive, we’d love the opportunity to visit with you in more detail. Just give us a call at 281-451-0194 or click the button above and drop us a line.